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Benefits of Spinal Decompression for Herniated Discs

Your spine has a large impact on your overall health. A misaligned spine can cause problems throughout your entire body. Millions of Americans are dealing with back pain at any given point. The DRX9000 True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System™ can give patients relief from chronic pain and allow them to resume the activities they love.

How Often Should You Do Spinal Decompression?

To know more about non-surgical spinal decompression, visit Labonte Disc Institute at our office in Ormond Beach, Florida. You can call (386) 260-3100 today to schedule an appointment.

How Do I Get My Sciatic Nerve to Stop Hurting?

The sciatic nerve begins from the base of the spine through the back of the legs to the soles of the feet. Sciatica or sciatic nerve pain is a condition that develops when the nerve gets compressed or damaged. 

Benefits of Spinal Decompression for a Herniated Disc

If you are living with chronic back pain, you know how disruptive and uncomfortable it can be. You may find it difficult to think about anything except finding pain relief. If the pain you are experiencing is radiating or shooting into your leg, shoulder, or arm as well, then you may have a herniated disc.

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